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Workman's Compensation

Whether you're big or small we have coverage tailored to your unique needs. We offer a full suite of products to combine with Workmans Comp coverage from major insurers like Nationwide/Allied, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Traveler's and more!

Workers’ compensation insurance can help if, for example:

  • An employee is injured in an auto accident while running errands for the company

  • An associate develops carpal tunnel syndrome from working on the computer

  • An employee gets hurt while restocking the supply room


First we will determine what you need

Businesses like yours

Your company is as unique as you are. Our insurers have appetites that cover a massive range of businesses of all types and sizes. Tell us about yourself. 

What will it cost?

Each policy is customized to your needs. We want to get you the best price. Help us do that by providing us with all the data and documentation the insurers require. 

Adding endorsements

You can enhance a basic policy with additional commercial liability insurance options. 

Get the right workers’ compensation coverage

for your business

As examples, workers’ compensation insurance can:

  • Pay for an injured employee's medical treatment

  • Replace part of lost wages if a job-related injury requires time off work

  • Protect your business and assets


Most importantly, workers’ comp can protect the employees of your business.






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