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Employee Benefit Plans

Pick and Choose. Disability Insurance has a lot of benefits but you must choose wisely!

  • Own or Any Occupation?

  • How many weeks or years waiting period before benefits are paid?

  • How much is the maximum benefit amount?

  • How long will benefits be paid? 

There are many choices, all decisions affect the benefits and the price.

This is where Gartner Insurance comes in. We have all the answers! We will help you tailor the design to meet your company's needs.         Don't leave your employees be protected by only

Workman's Compensation coverage. 

Employee Benefit Plans are a wonderful tool Employers can use to promote their business and attract the employees everyone wants!

There exists a wide range of benefits, plan designs and tools designed to create a perfect fit for your company. Below are our selection of products in this line.

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Disability - Long Term:  Disability Insurance is designed to replace your lost Income if you become disabled while covered. Long Term generally refers to a Disability injury after 2 years has passed. The policy can replace up to 66 2/3% of the employees pre-injury income. They can be designed to provide benefits from as little as 2 years to as long as the life of the employee. 

Disability - Short Term:  Disability Insurance is designed to replace your lost Income if you become disabled while covered. Short Term Disability can have Waiting Periods as little as NONE to as long as 180 days. Short Term Disability can last as long as 5 years. 

Life Insurance with AD&D:  Group Life Insurance with Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage is often grouped with Short and Long Term Disability to provide a comprehensive Benefits Package. With the addition of AD&D  an employee may be eligible to receive lump sum payments if they suffer significant injury. 

Own Occupation Vs Any Occupation:  There are many crucial decision that can dramatically effect how and when an Employee enrolled in a Disability Income policy can claim their benefits. One of the most important that must be chosen is when a person is considered Disabled. Are they Disabled because they can't perform ANY job or because they can't perform the work they performed/trained for/was educated for. For Own Occupation policies  the employee is considered DIsabled if the Employee can no longer perform the duties of their Own Occupation. 

Gartner Insurance has more than a dozen Major Insurance companies available to sell Employee Benefit Plans.

 Contact us today to get more information.




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