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Group Dental & Vision 

Gartner Insurance Offers Group Dental & Vision Plans in NM & AZ. Some plans are available

for a group as small as 1!

Gartner Insurance offers a menu of fully insured group dental plans with varying benefits and access to the largest dental networks in the USA.

We tailor your Dental and Vision Plans to meet your budget and desired benefit package. Employers can select from several deductible and plan  options including:

                           Annual Benefit amounts from $1,000 to $2,500

                    Preventative Care with up to 2 X-Rays/Exam/Cleanings per yr

                    Preventative Care covered at 100% not including deductible

                                           No Waiting Periods to use benefits

                                    Allowable Spouse or Dependent Enrollment

                                      Delta Premier or PPO Network Access 

                                  POS (Point of Service Plan) See any dentist*

Some of the Dental Insurance providers offered by Gartner Insurance


We have affordable pricing options, employers must contribute 50% of the premium of the employee but that can be as little as

$10.00 – $15.00 a month per employee!

Small group plans are available to groups with 1 to 99 eligible employees.


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Vision Insurance

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With Group Vision Plans you can take advantage of immediate savings on common vision services and materials such as eye exams, lenses, and frames. Plus you may get discounts eyeglasses and contact lenses.

The plan may even include discounted rates for Lasik Eye Surgery!


We understand that employers have to make tough benefits choices in today’s market, and through our partnership with companies like Delta Dental and VSP that we aim to assist with both dental and vision benefits.

Many of our major insurers like Aetna

and MetLife offer Vision as part of 

Employee Benefit Plans. 

Some of our other Vision Coverage providers include 

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