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Group Insurance 

Businesses are run by people for the benefit of people. We can provide you and your employees with the insurance benefits they need. We have all the insurance companies you need however it's our support that matters! We offer Enrollment Events, Educational Seminars, One on One problem resolution and education. We can teach you how to get the most out of your insurance.


To do that we offer a variety of Group Insurance products. Groups can be Employer's,          Non-Profit Organizations, Fraternal or Paternal Groups and more. Here are some of the types of Group insurance we offer: 

Group Health Insurance - PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Health Plans, HMO ( Health Maintenance Organization) Health Plans, Self Funded Health Insurance, Dental and Vision Plans, Medicare. Visit our Health Insurance page here

Group Dental and Vision - We offer every major dental carrier with providers 

in our area. We carry several Vision providers and we can offer Employer and *Voluntary 

Vision Plans. 

Chamber, College, Organizations Vision plan* - These types of Vision plan don't require ANY contribution by the Employer or parent organization. They have a range of benefits and can include Individual and Family Vision coverage. These types of plans can be customized and offered to your members. The premiums are lower than the cost of buying the same benefits as an Individual. 

Employee Benefit Plans - Group Long and Short Term Disability, Lost Income, Accidental Death, Group Whole and Term Life Insurance, as well as Cafeteria Plans. 

Whole or Term Life By creating a Group Life Insurance plan you may offer Life Insurance Policies to Employees which includes several benefits. For the Base Life Amount included in the policy, the member does NOT have to undergo Medical Exams or Qualifications. The policies can be Portable, meaning the employee can take the plan with them when they leave or retire. Products available include Whole and Term Life Insurance, DIsability Life

Employer Paid Life Insurance - If you are looking for a way to expense an additional benefit you would like to offer to Key Employees, EPLI is a great choice! You can Expense the cost of paying the Premium on the Life Insurance policy. This allows the Employee and their Families to be protected as well as potential Cash Growth in the policy. 

Auto Insurance and More... Many Commercial Insurance Companies offer benefits that most Employers aren't aware even exist. For example if you buy a Nationwide Commercial Auto Policy, you can offer to your employees the option of purchasing a Personal Auto Policy also from Nationwide. Due to the existing Auto policy your Employees will receive an additional Discount if they choose to purchase coverage for themselves too. 





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