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Group Health Insurance

Protect your employees, protect your business. 

Healthy, happy, motivated employees are more profitable too! Fewer sick days are used, and there are fewer on and off the job injuries. A more Productive workforce results from having a quality Health Insurance plan!

Gartner Insurance offers PPO (Preferred Provider Organization, HMO (Health Maintenance Organization, and POS (Point of Sale), all the types of Group Health plans. Design types include Fully Insured, Level Funded and Self Funded throughout New Mexico and Arizona.  

Fully Insured Companies  - Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Presbyterian, TrueHealth NM, United Healthcare

Self Insured Companies - Offer Health Plans designed for the Employer to take some of the risk in exchange for a lesser premium. If the cost of the Claims during the Coverage Year is less than the predicted amount, the Employer receive a rebate for part of the premium. If the Claims costs are higher than expected the Employer will not receive any refund. Cigna, BCBS of NM, National General

Incentives - many insurance companies offer discounts if you purchase their Health Plan combined with either Dental or Employee Benefits plans or both. 

Employee Benefit Plans include Life, Accidental Death, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Dental and Vision


Third Part Administration/Cafeteria Plans -TPA companies administer Cafeteria Plans combined with HSA or MSA Accounts. Health Savings Accounts and Medical Savings Accounts allow employees to put aside Pre-Tax dollars into an account to pay for Health, Dental, Vision and other Employee Benefit costs. Gartner Insurance partners with several TPA companies to provide this service. 






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