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Native American Health Insurance


If you’re an American Indian or an Alaska Native you may have new health insurance benefits and protections in the Marketplace.


Some benefits are available to members of federally recognized tribes. Others are available to people of Indian descent or who are otherwise eligible for services from the Indian Health Service, a tribal program, or an urban Indian health program.

Important: Members of federally recognized tribes and Alaska Native shareholders can enroll in Marketplace coverage any time of year. There is no limited enrollment period for these groups, and they can change plans as often as once a month.


If you’re a member of a federally recognized tribe:

  • If you buy private insurance in the Health Insurance Marketplace, you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket costs like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance 


Indian Health Services and Marketplace insurance

  • You can get (or keep getting) services from the Indian Health Service, tribal health programs, or urban Indian health programs.

  • You can also get services from any providers on the Marketplace plan.

There are a wide variety of choices for insurance in both New Mexico and Arizona. Contact us today and we can help you determine what you qualify for under the new health insurance exchange.

Imagine having access to both the Indian Health Service and thousands of providers and specialists, without any plan

out of pocket costs!

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